What kind of farts stink?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What kind of farts stink?
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What kind of surgery puts your poop into a bag and your farts don't stink?


Can Godzilla fart fire?

Kind of. He can only fart fire after he eats. Though, his farts are flammable. And his fire farts stink as well as burn.

Do all farts stink?


Do farts stink more in hot weather or cold weather?

your farts stink more in cold weather, because cold weather makes things stink more.

What is a description of a centrioles?

farts stink

Farts and why they stink?

cos they dooooooooooo

What is the name of the insect who farts?

the stink bug

Do old peoples farts stink?

Pretty Much

Are farts poisenous?

no its naturall it might stink though

Do farts stink if you fart into an air freshener?

Maybe, Maybe not.

Do veronica's farts stink more at night?

Yes, yes they do.

Do all farts trigger atomic war?

Yes all farts trigger atomic fallout. please do not stink!