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None - go to a doctor - now!

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Q: What kind of exercisee is good for a hernias?
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Can women have hernias?

Yes, women can have hernias. Have you ever heard of a himnia?

Which hernias are extremely painful for human beings?

Any kind of hernia causes pain, but ventral hernia is very painful.

Who develops femoral hernias more often?

Femoral hernias are a relatively uncommon type, accounting for only 3% of all hernias. While femoral hernias can occur in both males and females, almost all of them develop in women

Is a direct hernia congenital or acquired?

Direct hernias are acquired, Indirect hernias are congenital.

Which hernia is also called a incisional hernia?

Incisional hernias are also ventral hernias.

What are the steps to take to relieve hernias?

Some hernias are bad enough that they require surgery. Other ways to relieve hernias are acupuncture, yoga, and depending on what part of the body is herniated, eating smaller meals.

Who gets hernias?

Old ppl

Can hernias make it hard to breath and cause a choking sensation?

/yes, it is not good when do exercise while breathing is not in proper.

Does workmans comp cover hernias?

Was it an on the job injury?

Do hernias only occur in the male reproductive system?

There is a wide varieties of hernias that can occur on many places of the body, both in children, women, young and elderly men.

What are hernia symptoms in women?

Hernia symptoms in women include : aches, lumps, and pain. Different hernias have different symptoms. Sometimes hernias in women are harder to locate.

How long do hernias take to develop?

Eight thousands years