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Q: What kind of doctor do you see for erectile disfunction?
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Does your penis get smaller when you are constipated?

Yes. If extreme constipation occurs, your penis will also go numb. I would advise you to see a doctor immediately. If you do not, you could be in extreme danger for life-long erectile disfunction.

My boyfriend is 28 and is having a hard time keeping an erection is this normal?

That is a young age to have erectile disfunction - but it can happen. He should have his prostate gland examined by a doctor to see if it is enlarged. You might also want to have an honest discussion with him about what his sexual turn-ons are. One question that would be asked by a doctor is whether he has trouble getting an erection while masturbating, or only while having sex. Performance anxiety can occur at any age, so that may be playing a part as well.

What kind of doctor do you see if you have ichthyosis?

You should see a dermatologist

My urine has been pretty cloudy here recently ive heard its a sign of kidney disfunction any thoughts?

If your urine is cloudy, you probably do have a kidney problem. You should see a doctor as soon as possible.

How do How to you make your penis very stiff how do you make your penis very erect?

If you can't get your penis fully erect through normal means then see your doctor and be may give you a prescription to aid in achieving fuller erections. Stroke it gently and remove your lowermost front ribs so you can lick it and suck it. If that doesnt help, get a girl to do it for you. If that doesnt work, good luck getting laid you fool.

What kind of advice do you have about drugs?

See a local doctor

What kind of doctor do you see for anger management?

A psycologist

What kind of doctor does a male see for fertility?


What kind of doctor do you go see if you get cancer?


What kind of doctor do you see when you have a heart attack?

A cardiologist.

What kind of doctor do you see to find out if you have emphysema?


What kind of doctor would you see for the urinary system?

A Urologist.