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betallatex clown head balloons

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Q: What kind of balloons do clowns use?
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If 26 clowns can blow up 26 balloons in 26 minutes how many clowns do you need to blow up 78 balloons in 78minutes?

26 clowns

What do you find at a circus?

magic, tricks such a flips, high jumps etc, clowns, crazy performances

What kind of fabric do you use in baloons?

Balloons are typically made from latex or mylar. Latex balloons are made from natural rubber, while mylar balloons are made from a metallic polyester film. Both materials are lightweight and durable, making them suitable for inflating and decorating with various designs and patterns.

What is it called when you are afraid of balloons?

The word that means your scared of clowns is coulrophobia.

Why are balloons so big?

what kind of balloons are you talking about???

How are birthdays celebrated in spanish-speaking countries?

With a big cake, balloons, a show of clowns, piñatas, music, photographs, the "mañanitas" song...

What kind of music do balloons hate?

Balloons hate pop music.

How much does a pack of balloons cost?

Depending on what kind 1.00-10.00 for 12 balloons

What kinds of balloons are there?

hot air balloons, colorful ones what kind of simple quesion is this!

What kind of people like clowns?

The kind of people that are about 5! Well, basically the people that aren't scared of them and aren't old enough to realize that clowns are silly. I'm not to crazy about clowns myself, but I bet I was when I was small!

The shape and the size of a toy balloons depend on the kind of gas inside?

The shape and the size of a toy balloons doesn't depend on the kind of gas inside.

When a gas like helium is used to fill balloons it does what and takes the shape of the balloon?

the gas takes the shape and size of the balloon