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gradable antonym

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Q: What kind of antonym is grow- shrink?
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Is grow- shrink a gradable antonym?

Yes, it is.

What an antonym for stretched?

Shrink. Contract.

The opposite of shrink and rhymes with sell?

Expand. expand stretch grow enlarge wax grow Ma GIGANTIC MOM

What is the synonym and antonym for cower?

Synonym: shrink, tremble Antonym: stand your ground

What is the closest antonym for shrink?

It's growExpand works as well

How do you complete level 15 on Shrink It?

You have to shrink the triangles, grow the block, grow the triangles, grow the octagon.

Why do you grow not shrink?

because you get older not younger there for you grow not shrink .. but sometime as you get old you shrink. depending on who you are and if you take care of yourself

Can mountains grow or shrink?

mountains can shrink and grow. they can grow because tectonic plates crash and push upward so the mountain is higher. weathering and erosion cause mountains to shrink.

What is the synonym for shrink?


What is the anontnym for shrink?


How do you shrink your clothes?

You grow out of them!

What is an antonym for subside?

An antonym for subside is increase, grow or rise.