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mostly other pathogens kill pathogens

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Q: What kills all microorganisms both pathogenic and nonpathogenic?
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How can bacteria be both pathogenic and non pathogenic?

No. Almost all bacteria are not. There are bacteria everywhere performing essential functions like breaking down dead animals and plants. Bacteria are essential to health helping digest food and preventing pathogenic bacteria from getting out of control.

Which bacteria are pathogenic gram positive or gram negative?

Well they are both pathogenic

Can a human have both a mutualistic and pathogenic relationship with same organism?

Humans do have a mutualistic and pathogenic relationship with the same organism. This is the planet earth. We are constantly fighting to stay on the mutualistic side of the relationship vs the pathogenic.

What is the difference between strict aseptic technique and sterile clean technique?

By definition, aspetic means free of pathogenic microorganisms. Whereas Sterile means absence of all the microorganisms. While the difference is clear, both terms are sometimes used interchangably. For example, FDA has a guideline on processing the sterile drugs in the Aspetic environment. But this guideline does not draw a clear distinction between the two categories.

Active ingredient bleach?

The active ingredient in bleach is chlorine. It works very well as a household cleaner which both kills microorganisms and removes grime.

What is the best statement about microorganisms?

They are kind and loving parents and they don't take up too much space.

How microorganisms maintain the health of both organisms and ecosystems?


How do microorganisms maintain the health of both organisms and ecosystems?


Is microorganisms is nuisance or necessity?

They are both. Some microorganisms can kill us. But they also play an essential role in our body - so much so that even a HEALTHY person has about 10 microorganisms for every cell.

What are the importance of microorganisms?

Both nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle require microorganisms to fulfill their role. Moreover they also help digestion in the stomach of many animals.

Which group of microorganisms bioenergetic enzyme system?

The group of microorganisms that has the most extensive bioenergetic enzyme system is falcultative anaerobes. Falcutative anaerobes can work in both the presence and absence of oxygen. They do both cellular respiration and fermentation.

How do heat and alcohol disinfect surfaces?

Rubbing alcohol works by desiccation--it dries out any bacteria as it evaporates, thereby killing the bacteria. If it is to work effectively, it must be allowed to dry after application. If a nurse gives you an injection or wipes the rubbing alcohol off before it is dry, they are not using it properly.