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Normal Saline.

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Q: What iv fluid is dilantin most compatible with?
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What type of transmission fluid does a 2006 Chevy aveo use?

Type IV or the newer type IV which is backwards compatible.

What type of transmission fluid does the 2009 Vibe use?

Toyota T-IV type automatic transmission fluid as stated in the owners manual. Mobile 1 makes a compatible fluid: Mobile ATF 3309 Do not use any fluid that does not meet T-IV requirements.

What type transmission fluid for 2010 Toyota corolla?

Toyota calls for a fluid that is Toyota T-IV compatible. If you go to a Toyota dealer, they have plenty. At auto parts stores, you'll find Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle fluid, which is compatible with Toyota's juice.

Can iv fluid clean the system?

It most definitely can.

What IV solutions are not compatible with blood products?

no IV drugs are compatible with blood products. Only 0.9NS is compatible with and can be hung with blood.

Is toyota t-iv compatible with gm t-iv?

Yes, GM T IV fluid is the same as the Toyota T IV. for example, a Pontiac vibe uses the same fluid as the Toyota Matrix. both have identical components from the engine to the transmission. they both came out of the same factory joint owned by Toyota and GM.

What does the ''IV'' in IV fluid stand for?

Intravenous fluid

Why is normal saline given after blood transfusion?

Normal saline is the only IV fluid which is compatible with our blood. Given before to flush blood from the iv catheter and after to rinse it to make the site patent.

Can you use atf iii dextron where atf t-iv is recommened?

No you can not. While Dexron IV is backward compatible with Dex III, Dex III is not forward compatible. Vehicles that require Dex IV must use Dex IV.

What type of transmission oil does my Toyota Tacoma 2007 use?

Use only Toyota T-IV ATF and nothing else. Do not use Dexron or any fluid that claims to be compatible. Only use genuine Toyota fluid.

Why should each injection of IV dilantin be followed by an injection of sterile saline?

The sterile prevents venous irritation caused by the alkalinity of the solution.

Is clindamycin compatible with vancomycin both given IV?