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Q: What items are not required on a food label?
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What are items that should be listed in a label for a product that will be stored?


What are three key items one should look at when purchasing foods on a food label?

Nutrition label

What information is not required on the nutritional portion of a food label?


What does sustenance means in the hunger games books?

Required items for survival. Mainly food.

If a food contains Vitamin K is it required that the vitamin's presence be listed on the label?

Only if it is added. If it is present naturally it is not listed.

What are the high risk food items that you are required by law to handle with care?

Poultry, Beef, Eggs

What household items contain iron?

Lots of things. If you look on the ingredient list in the back of a food label, you can see how much iron is in things.

When is a work place label required?

When the control label is remove from its original

According to the Enrichment Act what 5 nutrients are required to be on the food label?

fatsaturated fattrans fatcholesterolsodiumcarbohydratefibresugarsproteinvitamin Avitamin CcalciumironThere are 13, to be exact.

Is all food healthy?

Yes and no, some foods are only good for you in moderation. If yu are wondering about the nutritional value of certain food items you should read the nutritional facts label.

What kind of items are sold through the Burberry Black Label?

The Burberry Black Label sells clothing, shoes and accessories. You can purchase Burberry Black Label items online from auction websites such as eBay.

What are sources to find calorie counts for food items?

Calorie counts for various food items may be found online at This website contains information for popular fruits and vegetables that don't necessarily come with a food label. There is a search engine available on this website that will allow one to type in the food and find out the calories.