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Well, this might be a long shot, but I'd say it means he wants to marry you.

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Q: What it mean when a man says he wants you to be his second wife?
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What does it mean if he says he loves his kids and his wife is a good friend?

It means he thinks of his wife in not a loving way but a friend way. He might be having second thoughts of his marriage between his wife and him, or he might be cheating on his wife. Usually, he is having second thoughts of marrying his wife.

What does it mean when you and your wife is separated and says just keep it on a friendly level right now mean?

It means that she wants to be your friend but not be bound to the obligations or the commitments that are part of a marriage.

Does william moseley have a wife?

no he doesnt. he says he wants to focus on his career

How many wife can a men have?

As many as he wants, but if you are a christian God says STRICTLY to only have one.

What is chieftest?

For me the Chieftest Mourner shows who suffered most,the legal wife or the second wife..because the second wife wants to prove to the poet's family that she has a great right to the dead body of the poet rather than the legal wife,she wants to let them know that she did everything during the life of the poet in the hospital and all.

What is the name name of zeus' second wife?

Zeus didn't have a second wife. Zeus had a lot mistresses (and I mean A LOT)

What does this mean a man who finds a wife pleases God?

God wants you to get married.

What does it mean when he says you're his future wife?

If someone tells you that you are their future wife then it means that they want to marry you.

When you have arguments in a marriage and the wife says she needs some time to herself and some space what does that usually mean?

well it means that she wants to leave you for a little while.just dont worry if it was meant to be,she will come back

If all the mean things his wife does and says makes him so upset does he still love her?

I'm not sure, my wife says I never listen to her or something like that...

I get my wife flowers and she says to me you didn't have to do that. What does this means?

It means she appreciates the fact that you thought about her but wants you to know she doesn't expect you to get her things.

How did christopher Columbus's wife died?

ChaCha and the Internet says that she died from childbirth with her second child.