What it bayou blaster?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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bayou blaster is an herbal blend of aromatic potpourri. The results of the first very small toke were just like weed. Second toke resulted in extreme lightheadedness, dizziness's, then 30 minutes of vomiting until my wife fed me some Imitrex to stop the nausea which worked. $15 for 1.5grams of thank you

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Q: What it bayou blaster?
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When was Bayou Blaster created?

Bayou Blaster was created in 2000.

When did Bayou Blaster end?

Bayou Blaster ended in 2005.

Can you pass a urine test smoking bayou blaster?

Yes. Bayou Blaster is a type of synthetic marijuana( which doesn't contain THC) so you can pass a urine test or any other type of drug testing.

Do people smoke bayou blaster?

If your referring to the potpourri, it says on the package not meant for human consumption.

Does bayou blaster show up in an urine test?

no it shouldent as of right now there is only one company making a drug test for it and it is very inconvientient and you have to test spicifically for it so no worries

What is the word for bayou in spanish?

bayou is the same thing in Spanish: bayou

What is in bayou blaster?

Bayou Blast: 1/2 tbsp Paprika; 2 tbsp Salt; 2 tbsp Garlic powder; 1 tbsp Black pepper; 1 tbsp Onion powder; 1 tbsp Cayenne pepper; 1 tbsp Dried oregano; 1 tbsp Dried thyme. Combine all ingredients thoroughly.

What is the name of a famous bayou?

One famous bayou is the Bayou Teche in Louisiana.

What is it in bayou blaster that gets you high?

When it was sold as herbal incense, it was JWH-18 (invented by a Clemson professor years ago). Since the DEA suspension of JWH-18, it is sold as potpourri and the main chemical is a variation of JWH-18.

Where is a bayou located?

The French Bayou is in Louisiana

What is the the bayou in Houston Texas?

Buffalo Bayou.

What are rednecks of the bayou called?

Rednecks from the bayou are often referred to as "bayou rednecks" or "swamp people."