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My first offense as a child. I don't remember

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Q: What is your first offense as a child?
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Is it a criminal offense to have a child with your first cousin in UK?


First offense child endagerment laws in pa?

pay a fine

What is penalty for first time charge indesent liberties with child?

FELONY offense.

I am 21 years old from AZ ashamed to say i was caught shoplifting it was my first offense but i had my 4 year old child with me will cps take him from me?

THIS IS ONLY AN OPINION: It is difficult to say, but probably not. If it truly was your first offense and you receive probation, the child will probably remain with you. HOWEVER - such an offense DOES give ammunition to the child's father if he wishes to cause you trouble.

Is an extreme DUI a felony in Arizona?

A first offense basic extreme DUI offense would still be a misdemeanor in Arizona. Other factors could push the offense to a felony such as multiple offenses or endangerment of a child.

How do you stop the child labor?

by giving knowledge to people about child labour . i will tell the people that it is a crime. And yet it is not a criminal offense, just a civil offense.

When was First Offense created?

First Offense was created in 1983-06.

What is first degree sexual assault F3A?

First degree sexual assault F2 means that it was a first degree felony. The F2 means that the offense was against a minor child.

What kind of offense is having consensual sexual relations with a minor?

A criminal offense, statutory rape and or child molestation.

Is child abandonment from a caregiver a criminal offense?

In most jurisdictions child abandonment is a criminal office.

What is the punishment for a battery crime when it is the first offense and very small?

What is the punishment in the state of California for a first offense battery charge (victim had no bodily injury) with no prior criminal history where defendant has a court-order for child support?

What are status offenses?

A status offense is an offense that can only be committed by a child. If an adult did the same thing it would not be considered illegal.