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its something alright

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Q: What is your body's third line of defense?
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What is the function of the integmenyary system?

the integumentary system is the skin and the bodys first line of defense.

What is your third line of defense?

Your body's third line of defense is specific defenses, such as the immune response.

What does the bodys line of defense do if you get rabies?

Well, you first get infected from a scratch or bite, then the infection spreads into the bloodstream, getting by the first line of defence. The second line of defence, would be the white blood cells. They try overcome or "swallow" the infection. the third line of defense, is the anitgens. If all else fails, your f*cked.

What is first line of defense and what is second line of defense?

skin and mucous membranes first line of defense second line-leukocytes and macrophages, inflammation and fever third is immune system

What is the third line of defense called?

The third line of defence against pathogens is called the Specific Immune Responce

How does the third line of defense come into play?

when the first and the second lines of defense have already been overcome.

What level of prevention is a vaccine?

there are actually three categories of defenses in the body, namely: first line of defense, second line of defense and the third line of defense.first line of defense is our skin. the vaccine you're talking about falls under the second line of defense because it involves the immune system wherein these vaccines were introduced into the body,nonetheless, the cells on our body creates/secretes chemicals that serve as defense mechanism; and the third line of defense is the use of medications or chemicals prescribed by the doctors.

What is the bodys defense against disease and foreign substances?


When does the bodys second line of defense come into play?

The body's second line of defense, which includes inflammatory responses and phagocytic cells, comes into play when pathogens manage to breach the first line of defense (skin and mucous membranes). These responses help contain and eliminate the pathogens before they can cause harm.

Which of these is one of the bodys first lines of defence against infections?

its killer T cells

Which one of the following participate in the bodys second line of defence?

Macrophages, natural killer cells, and complement proteins participate in the body's second line of defense. These components help to identify and eliminate pathogens that have breached the first line of defense, which includes physical and chemical barriers like the skin and mucous membranes.

Why do you close your eyes whenever you sneeze?

This is your bodys natural defense to protect the eyes. It is a reflex.