What is tongue depressor?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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The functions of a tongue depressor is to keep the tongue down long enough to examine the throat area and glands

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Medical instrument to depress the tongue for examination of mouth & throat

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Q: What is tongue depressor?
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What does it mean if you gag when doctors use the tongue depressor?

Nothing. It is an automatic response to the tongue depressor.

Why wouldn't you open your mouth if a tongue depressor was placed in your mouth?

If a tongue depressor was placed in your mouth, then your mouth had to be open in the first place.

What instrument is used for sore throat?

tongue depressor

What instrument do you use to look at a sore throat?

Tongue depressor

Which instrument would be useful when looking at the patient's throat?

A tongue depressor.

What are all the tools a pediatrician can use?

they use a thermometer, stethoscope, tongue depressor, (etc).

What laryngoscopy is performed when a physician uses a tongue depressor to hold the tongue down and view the epiglottis with a mirror?

Indirect laryngoscopy uses a mirror to view the epiglottis.

How are oropharynx specimens collected?

The person's tongue is held down with a tongue depressor, as a healthcare worker moves a sterile, cotton-tipped swab across the back of the throat and tonsil region.

What is the name of the wooden tool used to check the throat?

The giant wooden popsicle stick is called a tongue depressor, as it presses the tongue out of the way so the doctor can see the back of the throat.

Why do pediatricians use tongue depressor?

To observe pharyngeal wall, back of moth, & especially tonsils that bulge on tongue depression. Bacterial tinsillitis is very common in paediatrics, & will cause whitish rash on tonsils.

Reflex that stops us from choking?

It is called the "gag reflex." It is really one of the body's defense mechanisms to prevent foreign matter from entering the esophagus. You may have experienced this at the doctor's office when they place the tongue depressor far back on your tongue.

What is the antagonist muscle for the levator labii superioris?

depressor anguli oris depressor labii inferioris