What is thesbesian blood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think you mean thebesian blood. It's the blood that goes through the thebesian veins.

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Q: What is thesbesian blood?
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What is feedle?

it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood it is blood

How does blood enter a red blood cell?

Blood contains red blood cells. Red blood cells don't contain blood. Blood does not enter the red blood cell.


Blood cells are a part of blood. Blood is not a part of blood cells. Blood can't flow backward and forward within blood cells. Blood cells can flow backward and forward within blood.

What percent of blood is blood?

55% of the whole blood is blood plasma.

Why blood group O can still transfer their blood to A despite the reaction between antibody A of blood O and antigen A of blood A?

Common blood can be transfered to rare blood but rare blood can not be transfered to common blood.

What is blood maid of?

blood is made out of blood

If a half-blood marries a pure-blood what blood will their child be?


Is newer blood dark blood or light blood?

My blood colour is black

When was Blood of My Blood created?

Blood of My Blood was created on 2011-10-05.

What is a blood bank for?

A blood bank is for people to donate blood and to receive blood that people donated to get blood transfusions.

Is blood clotting a blood function?

we can say that blood clotting is a function of blood because plasma is involved in blood cloting and plasma is a consituent of blood.

How do you figure out your blood type?

Determining your blood type, requires your blood to be tested. If you do not know your blood type, request a blood test from your doctor. If you donate blood, the blood bank would also be able to tell you your blood type.