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Call him "committed."

Seriously, it is a waste of time to devote the energy necessary to come up with a derogatory label for someone you don't like because he hurt your feelings. The question appears to be seeking an avenue for vengeance, and vengeance serves no purpose; there is rarely any satisfaction gained from it, and it only feeds on itself.

If you are still looking for the best of the worst names you can call a guy, call him nothing. Literally say nothing to him. Isolating him from your life will hurt him more than if you dropped a two ton car on him from two stories up. Shun him.

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WikiAnswers takes a dim view of cyberbullying, or bullying of any kind for that matter. Seeking derogatory or pejorative names to call a guy is sort of like that bullying thing WikiAnswers does not like. Keep that in mind when adding answers here.

Names that describe specific behaviors:

  • Cheater
  • User
  • Manipulator
  • misognist
  • arrogant
  • diabolical
  • thoughtless
  • useless
  • hearless
  • useless
  • remiss
  • sexist
  • egotistical
  • embarrassing
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Q: What is the worst name to call a guy?
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