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Afterwards is a connecting adverb with the meaning "later" applied to a time or event. e.g. "He ate supper, and afterwards went for a walk."

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Q: What is the word of Afterwards or after that?
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Is the word afterwards a preposition?

No, it is not a preposition. The word afterwards is an adverb.

What is the Abaluhya word for afterwards?

The Abaluhya (Luhya) term for the English word 'afterwards' is "baadayee".

Is afterwards is a compound word?


Is afterwards a compound word?


What is a sentence with the word afterwards?

We ate lots of cake, and afterwards we went home.

What is the latin word for afterwards?


How do you use the word afterword in sentence?

If you mean "afterwards", then it would be something like, "We went to the store and afterwards, to the movies."

What is a word for a note written afterwards?


How do you use the word afterwards in a sentence?

I chose Bill for our team, but afterwards I wished I had chosen Bob instead. I went to get my hair cut, and afterwards I stopped for some ice cream.

What other word is the same meaning as then?

Some other meanings for the word "then" are: As an adverb: next, after that, after, afterwards. As an adjective: former

How can you use hovering in a sentence?

Hovering a word in a sentence make it easy to find afterwards.

Whats the antonym for before?

There are a few antonyms for the word before such as after, later, behind and afterwards.