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A lady

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Q: What is the wife of a sir called?
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What is a wife of a sir called?

A Lady.

What was sir francis wifes called?

his first wife was called katie and the second wife was called hollie

What was sir walter Raleigh's wife called?

He was secretly married to Elizabeth Throckmortin

Who is the killer in Dead man's Folly?

The so-called Sir George and his "wife".

What was sir Edmund hillarys first wife name?

Edmund Hillary's first wife was called Louise Mary Rose.

If a husband and wife are called Michelle Smith and James Smith would you address the wife Mrs James Smith?

Yes, sir.

Did sir isaac have a wife?

Sir Isaac who

Who was sir humphrey Gilbert's wife?

Ann Aucher was Sir Humphrey Gilbert's wife.

Who is Sir Alan Michael Sugar?

he is a enterpernear who found the company amstrad

What is sir edmund hillary's first wifes name?

His first wife was called Louise Mary Rose

DId Sir Galahad have a wife?


Who is sir Walter Raleigh's wife?

His wife was Elizabeth Raleigh