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If it's a bad sun burn than it can be puss, or just skin.

Ever wonder why your skin feels hot when you have a sun burn? That's your lower skin layers still burning, it can last for days!

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Q: What is the white stuff under sun burn?
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What happens when your under the heat of the sun?

u will get sun burn or tan

Why are ultraviolent rays dangerous to humans?

because the ultravoilet rays are coming from the sun and the sun is burning us already..i mean like sun burn and stuff. But if the sun gets any closer we will atcully burn

What will happen when your under the sun?

you may burn but might get a tan

What is an animal that is black white and red?

a panda or zebra with a sun burn

Can black skin still get sun burned what does it look like?

Yes color doesn't matter. They may be darker then white people but sun burn is a burn that anyone can get. And it looks like it would look on a white person or any lighter color but not as easy to see. It depends on the skin tone and how long you were out in the sun.

What personalities do Chester White pigs have?

Chester Whites ten to sun burn easily and have a sweet nature :)

Can you sun burn at the dead sea?

Yes you can. It is very hot and sunny there most of the time.

What is needed to watch solar eclipse?

You need a very, very dark filter - for example, welding lenses. Under no circumstances should you look at the Sun through a telescope or binoculars, not even with dark lenses. It will burn your eyes. However, you can project the Sun's image from a telescope onto a white sheet of paper, or other white surface.

Do all people get sun burn?

yes no matter what you are you get a sun burn

How do you get rid of sun burn?

Put some tea on the sun burn so it keeps it from blistering and then put some aloe lotion on the sun burn and in a few days the sun burn should be gone.

Do you get tanner when it's cloudy or sunny?

You can still get tanned on cloudy days because UVA rays can penetrate through clouds. However, sunny days with clear skies generally result in more intense UV exposure and can lead to a faster tanning process. It is important to wear sunscreen regardless of the weather to protect your skin from UV damage.

How close do you have to get to the sun for it to burn you?

Right here on earth! What do you think a "sun burn" is?