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The Thoughts Room

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Q: What is the website where you vent your feelings and the words disappear?
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Where did swearing start?

Nobody knows for sure where swearing started. Swear words originated and evolved to give people a way to vent strong feelings, and these words have been with us ever since.

Why is it important for kids to express themselves?

When kids vent their feelings they feel lighter and happier

What words begin in vent?


When a conflict starts it's important to vent your feelings quickly before they overwhelm you.?


What are the five words with the root vent?


What are some compound words with vent in them?


Why is WikiAnswers a good place to vent your feelings?

It isn't. That's not what it's for, and using it that way will probably get you banned.

What are some words that contain the root 'vent'?

Some words that contain the root 'vent' are event, prevent, invention, and advent.

What words end with the suffix vent?

Some words that end with the suffix "-vent" include advent, circumvent, and event.

Where can one apply for vent cleaning services?

Finding a place where one can apply for vent cleaning services is not a very challenging thing to do. In order to apply for vent cleaning services, one can visit the Stanley Steemer website.

Did Anne Frank think writing in her diary was important or special?

chances are no...she probably did it as many of us write to vent feelings and frustrations

Why do you get yourself really angry and worked up?

People get angry because it helps them to vent. Getting angry can cause a person to do something that they will regret if they are angry enough, but sometimes anger just let's us vent out feelings to the world and let everyone know that your mad.