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Years ago, we called it "yen-yen." There's a current name, but I don't recall it. Everybody can do it:

First look at yourself closely in the mirror, into your mouth and raise your tongue. At its base, you'll see a thin piece of flesh attached to your tongue and to the base of your mouth. This keeps us from swallowing our tongue. You will note about halfway up it is a little gland. That's the saliva gland you want to squirt. To squirt it:

First put a piece of candy in your mouth to get your glands eager to secrete.

With your mouth wide open bend your tongue backward kinda curling it backward if you can.

Push your tongue quickly and forcefully against the top of your mouth.

You'll get your squirt.

Some people can actually squirt it clear across a room, some less. In high school many years ago, I can still remember who did it well and who did it less well.

Please please come back to the site after you do it and let us know. I said everybody can do it, but there are rare exceptions. If my instructions didn't make sense, I will clarify. I just remembered, you probably have accidentally done this after yawning. Yawning works to make it happen, too, but not as well as candy.

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Q: What is the way that you push your tongue back to shoot spit?
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Is it true that if you push a tongue back it will trigger the spit gland?

Yes it is true that if you push your toung back you trigger the spit gland, but you have to puch it back a certain way.

How do you activate your spit glands?

You cannot voluntarily activate your spit glands. When you put food in your mouth, they automatically begin to produce saliva to aid in the digestion of food. Sometimes just thinking about eating food can allow them to produce saliva.

How do you blow spit bubbles off your tongue?

First, you generate some spit. Then, you move your tongue forward so that it touches the back of your lower lip. Pull your tongue back and you'll have a bubble. Next, slide your tongue under the bubble and bring your tongue out of your mouth (Note: your tongue cannot be flat, it has to curve up and be pointy). Softly, blow on the bottom of the bubble, and the bubble will fly out. This will take lots of time and practice, but that's how you get it. Good luck! :D

Where are your spit glands?

underneath your tongue

What does spit tobacco do to your gums and tongue?

It makes your tongue turn black and fall off

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How do you to trigger the spit gland?

You chew. the spit gland is ussually triggered while eating to soften food, so, whether it be gum or other material, just chew on something, some also that if you move your tongue back and forth along the roof of ypur mouth, it works as well.

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