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betadine is the trade name for Povidine-iodine. It works as an antiseptic and kills not only bacteria but healing cells within the wound. It is used in wound care primarily to maintain dry ulcers that are not expected to heal or for which moist wound healing is contraindicated (eg arterial ulcers). In cases where healing the wound is secondary to killing the bacteria, then Povidone-iodine can be used temporarily. In these cases, the critical level of bacteria is preventing wound healing anyways. Povidone-iodine will only kill superficial bacteria: it does not penetrate into the tissues. It should not be used on those who have iodine Allergies, seafood allergies or certain thyroid diseases.

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Q: What is the value of using betadine solution in cleaning wounds?
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Which is more better to use for cleansing wounds povidine-iodine betadine skin cleanser or hydrogen peroxide oxigenada?

Hydrogen Peroxide. As a sufferer of Hidradenitis Supperitiva, I have been using Peroxide for 4 years now. The best part about it, is that it doesn't burn when it is wiped on an open wound. It is very safe to use.

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Does pasteurization help treat wounds?

No. Pasteurization is the process of using heat to slow microbial growth in food. It has nothing to do with wounds.

Should you clean a deep laceration on the back of your hand that has been stitched shut with hydrogen peroxide or Neosporin or something else?

Hydrogen Peroxide is the best product for cleaning wounds. After using it, an antibiotic cream could then be used if desired.