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Potassium carbonate which is naturally obtained from the plant of jao(barley) is a salt which is medicinally used in unani system of medicines since many years as an effective diuretic,antacid,laxative and stomachic.

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Q: What is the use for potassium carbonate in medicine?
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What is the name of the compound whose formula is K2CO3?

K2CO3 is Potassium carbonate.

From what family is potassium carbonate from?

Potassium carbonate is an inorganic salt.

Chemical symbol for potassium carbonate?

The symbol equation for Potassium Carbonate is...K2CO3:)

What is copper carbonate plus potassium?

Potassium Carbonate and Copper metal

Potassium Ascorbate and Potassium Carbonate are same?

No, potassium carbonate (K2CO3) and potassium ascorbate (KC6H7O6) are two different substances.

What is an alternative for sodium carbonate?

potassium carbonate

What reacts with potassium carbonate to give potassium chloride?

It depends. It is most likely potassium chloride and lithium carbonate

What is the ionic compound K2CO3?

K2CO4 is a misspelling of the correct formula for potassium carbonate, which is K2CO3. This is a white salt that can be dissolved in water to form a alkaline solution by dissolution of the molecule into potassium ions (K+) and carbonate ions (CO3 2-). Note that CO4 would have 4 oxygen bonds to the carbon, which is not a very stable molecule and would not have a 2- charge.

Correct ionic name for potash?

the ionic name for potash is potassium carbonate.

What is closely related to calcium carbonate?

potassium carbonate

Why potassium carbonate cannot be prepared by solvay process?

It is because unlike sodium carbonate potassium carbonate is fairly soluble in water and it does not forms precipitate.

What is the formula name for CoCO3?

The name for the formula KCO3 is potassium carbonate. It is a white salt that can be dissolved in water.