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a family of 3


trio of love

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Nuclear family

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Q: What is the type of a family made up of a mother father and children?
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What is a nuclear family?

A household made up of a father, mother, and their children. Apex Hope this help.

Family Structures in Australia?

The vast majority of families in Australia are made up of a father mother that are married or living together that look after their children.

What is a chess analogy with a family?

It is possible that a very crude analogy could be made between chess and a family. The king and queen in chess might equate to the father and mother in a family. Older children in a family could be similar to the rooks, the bishops and the knights of chess, and the pawns could be analogous to the small children in a family.

How many people were in st bernadettes family?

Her mother and father and three siblings made up the family of Bernadette.

How many people were in St. Bernadette Soubirous' family?

Her mother and father and three siblings made up the family of Bernadette.

What was the family structure in 17 century How did parents treat their children What do they expect from their children Who was the head of the household What were the parents role?

In the 17th century, a family was either a nuclear family with parents and children alone or they were extended families living under one roof. The parents provided education to their children and made them grow up as responsible?æ citizens. The children were expected to obey and respect their parents and assist them in their work. The father?æwas the head of the family. The father worked for the family and the mother taught them religion and?æbasic rules to be followed like obeying, working, helping, etc.

Who was in charge of the education of the roman children?

Initially the mother was in charge of the children's education. After the very basics a decision would be made if the child would be sent to school or have a tutor. The father made the final decision. Of course, the length of the children's education depended upon the wealth of the family.

What is the typical family in japan?

Most often, the typical Japanese family is made of humans, though some may choose to raise a pet such as a cat, dog, or fish, among others. Though the typical Japanese family consists of a father, mother, and children, though sometimes the father's parents may also live with the family.

What are full blood vampires?

Born vampires...but vampires are not born, they are made. * Vampires that are children of a mother and father that is vampire. (parents have to be full too)

Is baby annabelle made in China?

No she was made in her mother with her father

How do you write an essay about joint and small family?

A joint family is that family which is made up of two closely related families who decide to live together. A small family can however; consist on just a mother and child or a father and child.

What is a childmade family?

a childmade family is a family that is made of of children