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You can give deep intramuscular injection in upper and outer quadrant of the hip. You can give the deep intramuscular injection between anterior and lateral aspect of the middle thigh.

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Q: What is the traditional site for most deep intramuscular injections?
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Injections which are not made in a vein or a muscle but just under the skin are called?

Injections just under the skin, so that you can see the needle while the medication is injected, are referred to as Intradermal. The PPD test for tuberculosis is administered this way. Injections administered into the layer below the skin are called subcutaneous. Insulin is administered this way. Injections which deliver medicine into a muscle are referred to as Intramuscular. Most immunizations are given this way, as are most antibiotic injections. Injections which deliver medicine directly into the bloodstream are referred to as Intravenous.

Which site is the most often used in babies for intramuscular injection?

The vastus lateralis (outer thigh) because it is the largest.

Are people that are 10 getting the swine flu shot in the thigh?

Most children do get intramuscular injections in the thigh, but by the time they are 10, they probably are starting to get them in the upper arm like adults, depending on the amount of muscle mass they have and their over-all body size.

Why are intramuscular injections preferred?

Intramuscular injections are preffered for delivery of many medications as it is the fastest and simplest way to infect drugs. Adrenaline (epinephrine to the yanks) is the classic example given during anaphalctic shock. Here a fast delivery of the drug is key and so waiting for a trained expert to be found would take too long. Intramuscular inveftion can be given by anyone simply by finding a large muscle (often the gluteus maximus) and injecting it, that simple. The next most simple is subcutaneous. This is again fairy simple but requires being shown how to perform and is a common mode of insulin injection in diabetics. Finally intravenous is the third form of injection but this requires finding a vein which takes some degree of skill and training.

Why intramuscular injections are contraindicated in snake bite cases?

My guess would be that because most snake venom spreads through the body via the lymphatic system, i.e. just under the skin, if the antivenom was administered deep into muscle tissue, perhaps a) it would be somewhat localised there and hence wouldn't be effective, or b) could possibly cause more damage given antivenom is quite toxic in the absence of actual venom. Just speculating though - hope it helps.

What do you hate most about hospitals?

Medicines and Injections

Can you give penicillin in the muscle?

Yes, most injectable penicillin formulations are designed to be given intramuscular.

Commonly used for intramuscular injections?

Deltoid, Vastus Lateralis, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Maximus

How do you lose weight after steriod injections?

Unfortunately, most people cannot return to their previous weight after taking steroid injections.

Can I purchase hcg injections?

There aren't any legal issues to buying hcg injections. However hcg injections have many side effects and are deemed to be unsafe by most medical professionals.

Is it safe to purchase HCG injections online?

It is unclear whether or not it is safe to purchase HCG injections online. Most doctors do not suggest it.

Which medication routes provide the most onset of a med but also poses the greatest risk of adverse effects?