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Q: What is the topography of land and water in your community?
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What are three types of topography on earth's surface?

There are two general groups of topography: land and water. Land topography includes, but is not limited to, hills, valleys, and mountains. Water topography consists solely of water.

How do rushing water work?

Rushing water is usually controlled by pressure and topography of the land.

Elevation layout and shape of the land?

The elevation layout and shape of the land refer to the topography, which includes the height variations and contours of the terrain. Understanding this information is crucial for activities like construction, urban planning, and agriculture. Topographic maps or surveys are often used to depict these features accurately.

How do you select the type of sprinkler?

Based on the area to be sprinkledQuantity of water to be sprinkledBased on the topography of land.

What is the topography of the great white shark?

land has topography... not sharks

What does land topograhy mean?

Land topography refers to the physical features of an area, such as its elevation, slope, and natural land formations like hills, valleys, and bodies of water. Topography can have a significant impact on factors such as drainage patterns, soil composition, and land use suitability.

The shape of the land is referred to as?

shape of the lan means how the land was shaped

Is land form topography?


What is the shape of the land?


Synonym of topography?

The lay of the land.

What is the Topography of Tennessee?

the lay of the land

How do topographic maps differ from geologic maps?

Topographic maps show topography. Topography is the height and dimensions of a land mass above water, conversely bythmetery is know as water topography. Geologic maps show geological feature of a land mass such as vegetation and climate zones.