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Q: What is the thing that is poisonous and that is capable of causing serios harm or death?
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How serios can down syndrome be?

It can be followed by death

What is the deadliest shot gun?

No such thing. ANY firearm is capable of causing death.

Can a bebe gun kill somebody?

Yes there are some models, not all, that are capable of causing death.

What kind of toxic waste kills?

Anything described as toxic would by definition be capable of causing death.

What is the meaning of 'die of grief'?

Grief means sadness. To die of grief is to use hyperbole to describe the intensity of the sadness as capable of causing death.

What the definition for a toxic element?

A toxic element is a chemical element that can cause harm or damage to living organisms when it accumulates in the body at levels beyond what is considered safe. Examples include lead, mercury, and arsenic. Exposure to toxic elements can lead to various health issues ranging from organ damage to neurological impairments.

What is the connection between Lethal and the river of lethe?

Lethal is something that is capable of causing the death of another living being. Lethe is the Underworld river of forgetfulness/oblivion.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning causing death?

The medical terminology combining form meaning causing death is "thanato-."

What poisonous chemical substance is in automobile emissions?

CO2 and smog Added: The above answer is incomplete. Carbon monoxide is the premier gas in car exhaust that is poisonous. This orderless, colorless and tasteless gas binds to the heme in hemoglobin preferentially to oxygen causing a rapid death by asphyxiation.

Can chihuahua's eat chocolate?

Dogs should not eat chocolate,it can be poisonous to them causing illness or death

Is assault with a cooking pan a felony or misdemeanor?

Felony. ANY "armed" assault is generally charged as a felony ESPECIALLY if the weapon is capable of causing great bodily harm or death.

How is the death cap poisonous compared to a snakes bite?

The death cap is more poisonous than the snakes bite. It depends what kind of snake it is.