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You may have an unhealthy relationship with your sexual arousal that brings you anxiety, which may lead to binge eating. There is no specific term for this, but it could be classified under Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, or EDNOS.

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stress eating

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emotional eating/stress eating

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Q: What is the term for eating in response to arousal?
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Which term is defined as the internal change of arousal of both the mind and body as a result of an external event?

Affective response is the term that refers to the internal change of arousal of both the mind and body in response to an external event. This can involve emotions, moods, and feelings experienced in reaction to stimuli from the environment.

A person who eats in response to arousal is most likely experiencing?


What is sexual arousal disorder?

Sexual arousal disorder is a condition where an individual consistently has difficulty becoming sexually aroused or maintaining arousal during sexual activity. This can lead to distress or problems in relationships. It may be caused by physical or psychological factors and can be treated through therapy, medication, or lifestyle changes.

What has the author Aisha Cortoos written?

Aisha Cortoos has written: 'Conditioned arousal in insomnia patients' -- subject(s): Neuropsychology, Physiopathology, Insomnia, Conditioned response, Arousal, Arousal (Physiology), Physiology, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders

Disaster victims who display an exaggerated startle response are showing signs of which symptom?

heightened arousal

How does arousal relate to emotion?

Arousal refers to the level of physiological activation in response to a stimulus, which can influence the intensity of emotions experienced. High arousal can sometimes lead to heightened emotional responses, while lower arousal may result in more subdued emotional reactions. The relationship between arousal and emotion is complex and can vary depending on individual differences and situational contexts.

What are the long term effects of arousal?

the long term effects of arousal are if you are highly aroused you do not perform as well, or if you are not aroused enough you do not perform to the best of your ability. This apply's in sports and anywhere or for anything else.

What are the long term effects of Arousal and Anxiety in Sports Performance?


What is a cognitive arousal?

Cognitive arousal refers to the mental alertness or activation of the brain in response to stimuli or situations. It involves increased attention, perception, and cognitive processing. This heightened state of mental arousal can impact cognitive functions such as memory, decision-making, and problem-solving.

What is sympathetic for psychology?

Sympathetic arousal in psychology refers to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system in response to stress or perceived threat. This leads to the release of adrenaline and the "fight or flight" response, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and overall physiological arousal to help the individual respond to the situation.

What term describes the arousal theory?

Arousal theory suggests that people are motivated to seek an optimal level of arousal or excitement. This theory proposes that individuals seek to maintain an ideal level of stimulation to feel motivated and engaged in their activities.

What is the definition of arousal as it relates to optimal performance?

To stir to action or strong response; excite: to arouse a crowd; to arouse suspicion.