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The muscle of the pectoralis is antagonist to the latissimus dorsi during the shoulder adduction. The anterior fibers are involved in shoulder abduction when the shoulder is externally rotated.

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The Teres Major

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teres major

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Teres major

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Q: What is the synergist of latissimus dorsi?
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What is a synergist to pronator teres?

Latissimus dorsi is the synergist of the teres major.Specifically, a synergist is a muscle which acts with another. The latissimus dorsi helps adduct and rotate the shoulder to elbow bone called the humerus. The teres major is a shoulder-related muscle.

What is the synergist to the pectoralis major muscle?

Deltoideus and latissimus dorsi

Where is the latissimus dorsi located?

The Latissimus Dorsi is located around the sides of your back.It is a muscle in your body.

Muscle that adducts the shoulder and causes extension of the shoulder joint?

The latissimus dorsi, and the trees major, which is known as the " little lat", both adduct, extend, and internally(medially) rotate the shoulder. The long head of the triceps also extend and addicts the shoulder, while also being an elbow extensor

What is the insertion of latissimus dorsi?

The insertion of the latissimus dorsi is the humerus.

Muscle that is antagonist of the latissimus dorsi?

It is the middle deltoidIt is the Deltoid Muscle .

What two broad superficial muscles are receiving the bulk of attention if the back is massaged?

Trapezius and Latissimus dorsi

Why is latissimus dorsi not an abdominal muscle group?

Because the latissimus dorsi origin is from the back and it inserts on the humerus. It doesn't cover the abdomen at all.

What is the main function of the latissimus dorsi?


What is the agonist of Abduction of the shoulder joint?

Latissimus dorsi

Which term does not belong latissimus dorsi pectoralis major synergists adduction of shoulder or antagonists?

The latissimus dorsi and pectorals major are synergists for shoulder adduction

What muscle compresses abdominal contents?

The muscle that does not compress the abdomen is the latissimus dorsi. The latissimus dorsi literally means the broadest muscle of the back.