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the flicker bird makes its home in the cactus

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Q: What is the symbiotic relationship between the flicker bird and the cactus?
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What is the relationship between the Flicker Bird and Cactus?

The relationship between the Flicker bird and the cactus is an example of symbiosis in the desert. The bird makes it's nest in the dead crevices of the cactus and does not harm it.

What animal has a symbiotic relationship with a reptile?

One symbiotic relationship is cactus and lizard

Do cactus wren have symbiotic relationships?

Cactus wrens and Cholla cactus are symbiotic. The cactus wren builds its nest in the spines of the cactus, providing a safe place for the bird to raise it's young.

What type of symbiotic relationship does the saguaro have?

Bats consume the saguaro cactus nectar, and in turn, spread its pollen to other saguaros, hence, symbiosis.

Symbiotic relationship between a nectar-eating bat and a flowering catus?

i would guess parasitism because the cactus is being harmed in a way an the bat is benefiting

What is a mutualistic relationship in a desert?

between an owl and a cactus

What is the symbiosis relationship between a saguaro cactus and an elf owl?

i honestly dont know and dont care now bye

Is the prickly pear and cactus relationship mutualism or commensalism?

A prickly pear is a cactus. There is no commensalism or mutualism.

What is a cross between a cactus and a cat?

A cactus cat.

What is the deferent betweenrabbit and cactus?

What is the difference between a rabbit and a cactus

What is the difference between an old cactus and a young cactus?


What is the difference between cactus and cacti?

Cactus is singular, cacti is plural.