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O% chance

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Q: What is the survival rate after you drink bleach?
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Don't drink bleach.?

A person should never drink bleach. People or animals don't drink bleach because it's incredibly poisonous and is very acidic. If a person does ingest bleach, they should get help immediately or they will surely die.

Which side of the Titanic had the most survival rate?

Portside had the most survival rate

How much bleach can you drink to kill hpv?

Drinking bleach will not kill the papilloma virus, but if you drink enough it might kill you.

Is it safe to drink bleach?

Of course not!

Does drinking a capful of bleach clean your UA?

Jesus Christ no. Do not drink bleach.

Can you drink bleach to kill parasites?

Yes. are you kidding? drinking bleach will kill you!

Will you pass a ua if you drink bleach?

No. If you drink bleach you will die. Part of the urinalysis test is that you can urinate in a cup. When you die, you urinate in your pants.

How do i drink bleach?

You must not drink bleach! Doing so can cause serious, painful internal damage, even leading to death.

Is it a bad idea to drink bleach?

Yes it is a terrible thing to drink bleach if you end up drinking bleach rush yourself to the hospital because you will projectile vomit, youre welcome

What is the survival rate for seedlings?

The survival rate for seedlings can vary depending on factors such as species of plant, growing conditions, and care provided. In general, survival rates for well-cared-for seedlings can range from 70% to 90%. Proper watering, sunlight, soil quality, and protection from pests can all contribute to higher survival rates.

What is the survival rate of nasal cancer?

picture of nasal cancer outside-how does it look and what is the survival rate

Does bleach hert you if you drink it?

Yes, it is extremely damaging if you drink it. DON'T DO THIS!