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Q: What is the suffix for formative material of cells?
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What is the suffix of colonial?

what the suffix of material

Do the cells beneath the formative phase differ from each other?

due to their structure and function they are differ from each other

Bacterial cells do not have a genetic material?

no, bacterial cells do not have genetic material

What are cells heridity material?

Chromosomes are cells hereditary material.

What stores food for cells or waste material for cells?

Vacuolecantain stored food for cells or wast material form cells.

In cells structure that contains the cells genetic material and controls the cells activities?

Which structure contains a eukaryotic cells genetic material

What is the Thai word for formative?

formative = ก่อเป็นรูป (K̀x pĕn rūp)

Nonliving material surrounding cells is called?

The nonliving material surrounding cells is called protoplasm.

Which suffix indicates cells that produce the matrix of connective tissue?


How is genetic material organize in eukaryotic cells?

The genetic material of eukaryotic cells is organized in chromosomes.The genetic material of a cell contains information needed for the cells' growth and other activities. When a cell divides into 2 new cells, each new cell receives a full set of genetic material. The genetic material in cells is contained in DNA molecules. Source: "Cells and Heredity" (Biology book)

What is genetic material in two daughter cells similar to the genetic material in the original parent cells?

Your a hoe

Do all cells have a copy of the hereditary material?

Yes, all cells have a copy of the genetic material found in the other cells (red blood cells are an exception, as they have no nucleus).