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The air you breathe out is carbon dioxide.

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Q: What is the stuff you breathe out called?
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What is the stuff you breathe out?

The air you breathe out is carbon dioxide.

You breathe out a gas called what?

When you breathe out, you release a gas called carbon dioxide. This waste product is produced by your body's cells during the process of respiration and is expelled during exhalation.

Why is tropical rainforest important?

if we cut down all the trees we will not be able to breathe and when we breathe out the trees absorb the bad stuff and then make it clean again to breathe

Do lions breathe with lungs?

Yes they do and all mammals do. Reptiles and birds and stuff have something called a diaphragm. So humans and lions and all other mammals have lungs!

What does the air we breathe contain?

The air we breathe out contains a lot of stuff and the list would be exhaustive, but the main components in the air we breathe out are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

What do humans breathe in at night?

The air doesn't change much from day to night, so we Breathe the same stuff at night as during the day.

How do you smell stuff?

One must breathe in with your olfactory sensor; on the human, that is the nose.

What is it called when plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen?


Do roches breath through their feet?

Where did you hear that from? They actually breathe from slits on the side of their body. They couldn't breathe with stuff on their feet that they have walked through otherwise.

What is the name of the gas that you breathe in from the air?

The gas you breathe in from the air is called oxygen.

How you breathe in air?

you breathe in something called oxygen and then breathe out something called carbon dioxide. Inside your body the oxygen gets running through your blood vessels ans heart and muscles. then even though you breathe in a bit of carbon dioxide- you breathe more out than in! :)

Why is stuff called stuff?

because stuff