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How to orgasm

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Q: What is the strange feeling i get when i squeeze my legs together?
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How do you get a horse to go into each gait?

Increasing Speed Walk: From a stop, squeeze your lower legs to get your horse moving. Working Walk (WW) (Alternating Legs): You squeeze your legs, one at a time. Trot: From a WW, lightly squeeze your legs to trot. Canter: Lightly squeeze your legs from a trot Gallop: Lightly squeeze your legs, and either make a "clicking" sound, or a "smooch". Decreasing Speed Walk: Pull the reins gently. Trot: Pull the reins gently. Canter: Pull the reins gently. Gallop: Impossible (fastest you can go.)

Can a man squeeze a woman to death with his legs?


Can a woman squeeze a man's ribs with her legs and break them?

If she has long enough legs and above-average leg strength, yes.

How do you bare back ride?

First take of the saddle! then get on with a step stool. Slightly squeeze your legs if you have trouble balancing. Keep your hands and reigns on your horses withers.(when trotting,squeeze your legs and sit tall keeping your weight on your "be-hind")

How did the daddy long legs get its strange name?

The daddy long legs is named for its incredibly long legs, which are massive in comparison to its body.

What is the use of legs?

Because he was feeling "crummy"!

How many legs does octopuss has?

Octopi have 4 pairs of legs, giving them 8 legs total. They have no internal or external spine, giving them the ability to squeeze through tight spaces.

Is it safe to pick up a daddy long legs with your bare hands?

yes u can pick up a daddy long legs with your bare hands just dont squeeze it.

Why do flies rub their back legs together?

Fly's rub their legs together because they want to no that what they just ate !

Can you loose feeling in the legs from testicular cancer?

No. I have not heard of that as a side effect.

How is a saute different from a soubresaut?

A Saute is just a simple jump, but a soubresaut is a jump where you squeeze your legs and feet tight together when you are in the air

Do they wrap mummies legs together or apart?

They wrap them together.