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The song is called Ooh La La by The Faces. It was sung by The Faces in 1973 without Rod Stewart and was Ronnie Lanes last hit. If you search the song on you will find a good version by The Coors and Rod Stewart as well a solo song by Rod Stewart. The song never made it as a big hit, just an album cut, but as always it takes a movie or a commericial to bring back many good songs that never made it. My hats off to the writers of commericals and movies to find such rare greats. Written by: East Coast DJ's of Philadelphia Original Version Not sure who recorded the version on the Blue Cross commercial; but the song is "ooh la la" by the late Ronnie Lane. He was in a group from the 60's calls the Small Faces, had a long career and wrote some terrific music. His version is available on the CD "Live in Austin" and on the CD "Lucky Seven" recorded with Clapton.

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Q: What is the song on the blue cross commercial the song goes i wish i knew what i know now when i was younger?
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