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The sensitivity of the balance(S.O.B) is the smallest amount that the balance can measure.

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Q: What is the sensitivity of the balance?
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What is a sensitivity balance in science?

Sensitivity balance in science is exactly what it sounds like it would be. It is the balance that is used to detect minute changes in substances.

How many grams in the sensitivity triple beam balance?

A typical sensitivity triple beam balance usually has a maximum weight capacity of 610 grams.

What are the methods of increasing the sensitivity of a common balance?

to ensure lightness the beam balance should be given a triangular latticed structure.

What is the relationship between significant figures and the sensitivity of the balance?

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What equipment do you use in massing out 120 g of sodium chloride?

You can use a balance.

Is it better to play halo with the sensitivity up?

It's a matter of opinion, if the sensitivity is higher - you can turn and look at targets more quickly but you are less accurate. If it is lower, you're more slow but more accurate. You have to find a balance between accuracy and speed.

Which characteristic is shown when a person smells a gas in the air?

The characteristic shown when a person smells a gas in the air is the sense of smell. This sense allows individuals to detect the presence of potentially harmful gases in their environment.

Why are hot objects never placed on a balance pan?

Hot objects are not placed on a balance pan because the heat can cause the pan's material to expand or deform, leading to inaccurate measurements. Additionally, the heat can affect the sensitivity of the balance and may cause the object to evaporate or lose weight.

What happen to voltage sensitivity if current sensitivity is increase of agalvanometer?

If current sensitivity of a galvanometer is increased, the voltage sensitivity remains the same. Voltage sensitivity depends on the resistance of the galvanometer coil, while current sensitivity depends on the number of turns in the coil. Therefore, changing current sensitivity does not affect voltage sensitivity.

What is sociocultural sensitivity?

what is socio -cultural sensitivity

Disadvantages kelvin double bridge?

requires manual balancingsensitive null detector or galvanometer is required to detect balance conditionmeasurement current needs to be reasonably high to achieve sufficient sensitivity.

What are common symptoms of diffuse peripheral neuropathy?

numbness and feelings of tingling or burning insensitivity to pain needle-like jabs of pain extreme sensitivity to touch loss of balance and coordination