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The scaryest movie EVER is Mama

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Q: What is the scaryest movie ever?
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What is the most scaryest movie?

the most scaryest i would probly have to say .......... the exorcist the first time i saw it i was spooked for about 2day

What is the scaryest movie you ever saw?

The scariest movie that I've watched is The Sixth Sense.

What are the scaryest movie ever?

Jesus Camp..those christian fanatics scare the bejeesus out of me...and they think there is nothing wrong with brainwashing children....shame on them for doing it in the name of God.

What is the scaryest thing about a bat?

the scaryest thing about a bat is that some bats are vampiers.

What is the scaryest movie made?

Paranormal Activity and maybe Paranormal Activity two, i havn't seen it yet.

Who is scaryest?


How do you spell scaryest?

The correct spelling is "scariest".

Who is the scaryest person in the mirrow?

blood mary

What is the scaryest part of twilight?

There isn't any scary parts

What is the suffix for scary?

The suffix for scary is "-ful," as in "scareful."

What is spy island going to look like?

A dark street, spys, the meatball is the scaryest one.

Who are the scaryest singers?

Madonna, lady gaga, nicki minaj, anyone who sings metal, and...marilyn manson