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vasodilation is controlled by the nervous system as well as renal system and cardiovascular system.

  • vasodilation cause increase heat production. and feel more warmth
  • vasodilation cause blood pressure is low and client under go hypotensive state.
  • vasodilation also affect the nervous system . it will produce synccope when suddenly vasodilation
  • it cause increase capillary blood that affect the hair growth in alopecia case
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Q: What is the role of vasodilation?
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What causes vaodilation?

Corticotrpin is the harmone which increases vasodilation in our body. alcohol causes vasodilation

What effect does vasodilation have on blood pressure?

Vasodilation causes a drop in blood pressure.

What are the effectors that cause vasodilation and vasoconstriction?

Muscles in the blood vessels are the effectors that cause Vasodilation and Vasiconstriction.

What reduces cardiac afterload?

vasodilation, anemia, cirrhosis, shock states (results in massive vasodilation)

How do you describe a vasodilation mean?

Vasodilation means the widening of blood vessels that results from relaxation of the muscular walls of the vessels.

When is vasodilation bad?

Never. Unless you're bleeding, but if you're bleeding the body will undergo vasoconstriction not vasodilation so the answer is never.

What promotes vasodilation?

Nitric Oxide

What are the symptoms of vasodilation?

Vasodilation is the widening of the blood vessels. The common symptoms are low blood pressure, dizziness, flushing, and light headedness.

Is there a difference between vasodilation and vasodilatation?

None.'Vasodilatation' is technically the correct term for increase in diameter of lumen of blood vessels.In fact, there is no such term as 'vasodilation', but it is a very common mistake that people use the term 'vasodilation' instead of 'vasodilatation'.

Where in the body would you find low oxygen levels causing vasoconstriction and high levels causing vasodilation?

Low oxygen levels cause vasodilation in systemic arterioles.High oxygen levels cause vasodilation in capillaries in the lungs.

The redness and heat of an inflamed area are due to a local hyperemia caused by?

chemicals released by the injured tissue cells and leukocytes cause the VASODILATION of the arterioles in the injured area and cause the local hyperemia to form accounting for the redness and heat.

Does cold have a vasodilation effect?

No, it has a vasoconstricting effect.