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Q: What is the result of not keeping your hands moisturized?
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How can you thicken your hair?

by taking really good care of it and keeping it moisturized ;)

How do you stop your hair from breakage?

you can stop hair breakage by being gentle with your hair as far as combing and styling.also keeping your hair moisturized

How greet each other in Oriya?

Put your hands togetherbow[still keeping your hands together]say hello in Indian[still keeping your hands together]

What are the functions of water in our body?

Water serves many functions in our body including maintaining a steady temperature, preventing constipation and keeping the body moisturized.

Does soil help us in any way?

Yes. Soil helps our hands get moisturized. Also, it allows plants to grow which give us oxygen.

Why do all guys always have their hands down their pants?

They are usually masturbating (or keeping their hands warm.)

What to do if you get paint thinner on your skin?

im experiencing this now...and im just keeping my skin heavily moisturized and it seems to be doing the trick

How do you stop your hands from sweating?

Try keeping them cool. Maybe keeping your fingers relaxed instead of in a fist...

What can one do with a Foodsaver Tilia bag?

Foodsaver Tilia bag serves many purposes. One of the primary and most important is keeping food moisturized. It is a great bag in which one can store food in.

What are diving gloves used for?

Keeping your hands warm, and preventing abrasions.

What is the philosophy of keeping the government's hands off the business?


Why is cereal free in molds?

cereals can't be moisturized.....