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big bang and 2ne1 are from the same company: YG entertainment. they are also good friends.

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Q: What is the relationships between Big Bang and 2ne1?
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Is bigbang and 2ne1 close?

Yes, 2NE1 and Big Bang are close. 2ne1's first song was with BigBang and Cl is very close to G dragon :D

Who sings lollipop lollipop oh lolli song?

Big Bang and 2ne1.

Who are the popularist people in South Korea?

big bang, 2ne1, ss501, davichi, snsd which are all singer groups whatever you call them

What is the first song of 2ne1?

First song 2NE1 released was actually for a CF called, "Lollipop," along with another YG group, Big Bang. However, their first official debut song is "Fire." You can find it in their first mini album or the digital single.

What is the big difference between the big bang and the big bounce?

The big bang is a one off, the big bounce is cyclic.

Who is the girl in the Big Bang Tonight music video?

2ne1 Her name is Chloe Wang. She's half caucasian and half chinese

Is 2ne1 better than snsd?

.-. This is an opinion kind of question. Some people might think SNSD is better than 2NE1, while others might think 2NE1 is better than SNSD. While others could even consider them as equals. Some things to factor in are: *SNSD has made appearances on live t.v. in America *Both groups have debuted in Japan *SNSD has been around 2 years longer than 2NE1 *2NE1 has more of a punk/rocker-pop sound while SNSD is more girly-pop *2NE1 has been called 'the female Big Bang'

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