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Its linked to the lymphatic system as plasma from the blood seeps through capillary walls and becomes interstitial fluid. The excess interstitial fluid passes into lymphatic capillaries becoming lymph. Digestive System as carbohydrates and proteins pass from the small intestine into the blood stream. Endocrine System as adrenalin released from the adrenal glands cause the heart rate to speed up, increasing the blood pressure allowing a greater volume of blood to be pumped around the body to rech vital organs and muscles. The respiratory system as the gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide) that occurs in the lungs allows oxygen to reach the blood making it oxygenated blood to travel throughout the body allowing the oxygen to reach the cells. And allows carbon dioxide to leave the body

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Q: What is the relationship of the blood vascular system to three other body systems?
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What is the relationship of the blood vascular system and other blood systems?

They are the same thing.

The vascular system in plants is analogous to what system in animals?

The vascular system in plants is analogous to the circulatory system in animals. Both systems are responsible for the transportation of fluids and nutrients throughout the organism. In plants, the vascular system consists of xylem and phloem, while in animals, the circulatory system includes the heart, blood vessels, and blood.

What is blood vascular system?

I've never heard the term "blood vascular system" used together like that, but the vascular system is the collection of vessels that move blood throughout the body.

What is a vascular system?

A plant's vascular system consists of vascular tissue. The vascular tissue is made up of xylem (transports water) and the phloem (transports sugars and other nutrients). Another component of the vascular system is the meristems: the vascular meristem and the cork cambium, both of which are sites of growth.

What is the blood vascular system known as?

The blood vascular system is known as the cardiovascular system. It consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood, and is responsible for the circulation of blood throughout the body.

How does one describe vascular diseases?

Vascular diseases are cause in the veins are systems that carry blood to all areas of the body. When this system is prevented from regular function it is considered to have one of the many vascular diseases.

What is the word for the circulatory system in which blood is contained in vessels?

The generic term for contained circulatory systems is a vascular system.The word for a circulatory system in which blood is contained in vessels and circulated by the heart is the cardiovascular system.

What body system is blood associated with?

The Vascular System

How are circulatory and vascular system different from each other?

they are different because the circulatory system transport blood to the cells and the blood also gives other resoures to the cells and the vascular system is when it pumps blood in your vessels.

What PART of the vascular system is most of the blood located?

Most of the blood in the vascular system is located in the systemic circulation, particularly in the veins and venules which hold the highest percentage of the body's blood volume.

What system involves your heart pumping blood through your blood vessels?

cardio vascular system

How are vascular systems in plants and humans similar?

The plant system has a tissue that carries water and nutrients from one part of the plant to another, just like blood vessels in the human system.