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In a verbal communication,both the speakers and audience have equal importance.There is a need of both the speakers and audience in the rhetoric. If there is absence of anyone, i.e., either speaker or audience, then the rhetoric will not take place.

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Q: What is the relationship of speakers and audience in rhetoric?
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What term refers to a speakers use of persuasive language to persuade an audience?


What is the correct definition of the rhetorical element known as ethos?

Logos: Rhetoric that uses logic to persuade an audience.Ethos: Rhetoric that uses the personal character or reputation of the speaker or writer to convince an audience.Pathos: Rhetoric that uses an appeal to emotions to persuade an audience.

Who invented the study of rhetoric?

Rhetoric works to increase the ability of artists like writers or public speakers. Scientists are unsure as to who invented it, but Aristotle is most often given credit for rhetoric.

Definition for Rhetorical Triangle?

The relationship between the three forms of rhetoric - Ethos (character), Pathos (emotion), and Logos (logic) Is the idea that writing is a situation that includes the writer, audience, and topic

What is the definition of rhetorical values?

Rhetorical values are used in art to express political objectives and social issues in a way that is persuasive, motivating, and informing. Public speakers can move their audience by using rhetoric that conveys their values.?æ

What is A rhetorical situation is?


What should you consider whenever you encounter rhetoric or use rhetoric techniques to compose a media piece?

You should consider the audience, speaker, and text.

Does debate include rhetoric?

Debate is quintessentially the battle of rhetorical mastery and prowess. It is founded on rhetoric - it is the persuasion of an audience to side with you against your opponents.

What term refers to a speaker's use of persuasive language to persuade an audience?


The purpose of rhetoric is to?

convince an audience of the validity of a belief, position, or course of action.

Logos is a type of rhetoric that uses to construct an argument and persuade an audience?


Public speakers and novelists can both use?

language as a form of communication and rhetoric for persuasion.