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Each relationship between each layer is different. Like the mantle and the outer core. Its like the mantle is solid and it starts to soften and turn to liquid the deeper you go. Or like the outer core and the inner core . The outer core starts to get harder and denser and the deeper you go the solider it gets. Like the mantle and the crust too. The mantle gets a little more solid and becomes the crust.

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Q: What is the relationship between the density of earths layer the position of each layer?
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What is the relationship between the density of the earths materials and depth below the surface of the earth?

As the depth increases, the density increases also.

What is the average density of the earths Outer core?

The density of the outer core is between the 10g/cm³ and 12,3g/cm³.

What is the density of the earths inner core?

between 12.6 and 13 g/cm3

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How is Mercury's density is about high as the earths density

What causes to the temperature and the density of the material between point b and c?

the heat makes the density less or more dence depending were it is in the earths layers

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What is earths density?

== == The average density of the planet Earth is 5.52 (Standardized Result 5.52 g/cm3) the density of core of earth is 8 g/cm3