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headache is both a sign and a symptom in sinusitis.

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Q: What is the relationship between headache and sinusitis?
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Can be caused by either allergy or infection and causes headache fever and congestion?


What are short-term treatments of acute sinusitis?

Decongestants, or the short-term use of decongestant nose sprays, can be useful. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen can decrease the pain and headache associated with sinusitis.

What can you gain from lying in a relationship?

A headache.... (jk)

Could pain in lower back of your head be your sinuses?

I think you should go to your doctor, it might be a sinus infection in the head which causes sinus headache or sinusitis. There are many signs and symptoms for sinusitis, if you have some of the symptoms, then go visit a doctor and hopefully it won't be anything serious.

What are the clinical manifestation of sinusitis?

You have a history of runny nose. You purulent nasal discharge. You have throbbing headache around your eyes. You have tenderness on frontal or maxillary sinus area, unilateral or bilateral.

How do you get permanent relief from sinusitis caused by mental illness?

Sinusitis is not caused by mental illness. Mental illness can be caused by sinusitis infection.

Why do you need to put your head between your knees when you have a headache?

So you can tell the if you have a migrain or a headache

What is a nose infection?

The cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed in this syndrome. A cold or allergies can cause acute sinusitis, which may or may not go away on its own. An infection or growths can cause chronic sinusitis, which can persist up to eight weeks. Headache, face pain, runny nose, and nasal congestion are some of the symptoms. Treatment for acute sinusitis is mainly limited to symptomatic alleviation using pain relievers, nasal decongestants, and nasal saline rinses. Antibiotics may be required if you have chronic sinusitis by Dr. Camysha Wright.

What does it mean when your left temple is painful to the touch?

One of the things that could mean when your left temple is painful to the touch is a migraine. It could also mean that you are suffering from a tension, cluster or nummular headache or it could be sinusitis.

Can sinusitis be caused by fungi?

Sinusitis may be caused by fungi such as Aspergillus, Candida, or Mucorales.

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Zeus is the father of Athena, he ate Athena's pregnant mother. One day, Zeus had a headache so he split his head with and axe and Athena burst forth

What are the ratings and certificates for Maxillaire sinusitis - 1977?

Maxillaire sinusitis - 1977 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT