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It could be a lot of things. An insect bite, an ingrown hair, or most likely just acne. Just a clogged pore that got infected. Keep it clean and it should clear up shortly.

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Q: What is the red infected spot on your shoulder?
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What is Jupiter's great storm called?

Yes, it has a name. It is called "The Great Red Spot".

How red is Jupiter's red spot?

3 times the size of earth there is also a little red spot and astronomers believe that the big red spot will eat up the little red spot.

What is the color of the Great Red Spot?

The red spot is red and it is getting smaller.

Will Jupiter have a 2nd red spot?

Jupiter does have another red spot there is a little red spot about half the size as the great big spot cheers

Where is the great red spot?

The great red spot is on Jupiter .

When was The Red Spot created?

The Red Spot was created in 2008.

Why do they call the spot on the sun the red spot?

You are mistaken. The red spot is on Jupiter, not the sun (and it actually is red in color, hence the name).

What is the duration of The Red Spot?

The duration of The Red Spot is 1.37 hours.

What planet has a red spot and what is that spot?

Jupetier has the red spot It is a common and extremely powerful storm on Jupiter

Is there 2 red spots on Jupiter?

There are 2, the Great Red Spot and the small Red spot (aka. Red Jr.). Red Jr. was made up of three storms from the great red spot.

What planet is the Red Spot on?

AnswerThe red spot storm is on jupiter. The red spot is a very big hurricane that has been raging for over 400 years. The red spot could fit an earth inside it

Does mars have any rings or a big red spot?

no, Mars does not have a red spot or rings however Jupiter, the largest plant, does have a red spot called the 'Great Red Spot' and it also has a thin ring around it.