What is the red bood cells?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I do not know how much information you need, so I will give as much as an High School student in UK would need to know.

-They contain haemoglobin (contains Iron, which gives it it's red colour) which binds to oxygen so that red blood cell can carry it around the body.

-They have no nucleus so there is more space for haemoglobin.

-Red Blood cells have biconcave shape to increase their surface area.

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Q: What is the red bood cells?
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What metal ion forms part of a red blood cell?

Yes, it forms the heam group at the centre of the haemaglobin molecules in your red bood cells (erythrocytes) this is what makes red blood cells red. Oxygen binds to the haemoglobin molecule amd is then transported in the blood to the body.

What are white bood cells?

white cells make are inmune sistem.... they atack the deasesases and bacteriatht enter are body

Substance present in blood?

Blood consists of plasma, red and white bood cells, and platelets. It contains many substances, including a lot of salt (sodium chloride) and iron.

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You are hit SON!!!!!!!! Answer: The human bloodcells are found only in the blood matrix plasma.There are three or more types of blood cells 1. red blood cells 2. white bood cells 3.lymphocyted(monocytes.basophiles etc)

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Oxygen diffuses from any place there is a lot of it to any place where there is less. In the body, it diffuses from the air in the alveoli of the lungs, through the lung and capillary walls and into the blood, where it is taken up by the haemoglobin of the red blood cells. When the bood reaches the body tissues it diffuses out of the blood and into the cells.

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Oxygen has hit the bood. Although the true color of blood is blue, when blood is exposed to oxygen it turns red.

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