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the Most hoops hula hooping simultaneously is 107

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Q: What is the record for hola hooping?
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How do you even out your waist?

Hola hooping best way to lose excess weight I'm waist..hope it helps

How old was kym coberly when she sent the record for longest time hula hooping?

Kym Coberly was 32 years old when she set the record for the longest time hula hooping in 1980, hula hooping for 90 hours.

What is the world record for longest hula hooping?


What is the hula hoop record around the neck?

The record for hula hooping around your neck is 7 day

How can you beat the longest 9 year old hula hooping record?


What is the world record for arm hoola hooping?

7days and 2nights

How does a 6 year old beat the world record for hula hooping the longest?


What is the all time record of hula hooping?

Frankie Ferrara who hula hooped for 8 days straight.

What is the record for the longest hoola hooper?

The record for the longest hula hooping marathon by an individual is 100 hours. This record was achieved by Aaron Hibbs in October 2009 in Columbus, Ohio.

What is the duration of The Hooping Life?

The duration of The Hooping Life is 1.17 hours.

What are the world record for hula hooping?

Here are some verified world records for hula hooping:Aaron Hibbs holds the record for longest duration of hula hooping. He hula hooped for 74 hours and 54 minutes between October 22-25, 2009. Paul Blair holds the record for most hula hoops hooped at once (132). He set the record in November 2009.Ashrita Furman holds the record for the largest hoop twirled (13.88 meters/ 45.55 feet). The record for simultaneous hula hooping (minimum time: 2 minutes) is for 2,290 participants at Chung Cheng Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 28 October 2000.

What is the longest time a kid has to go in the world record for hula hooping?

11 hours and 45 mins by my sep sister zkacamuchi ford cc