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The Macula is the receptor for static equilibrium.

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Q: What is the receptor for equilibrium?
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Which of the following correctly matches the equilibrium receptor to the type of equilibrium it monitors?

maculae/static equilibrium

What is the sensory receptor for static equilibrium?


What are the receptor organs for equilibrium?

macula for static equilibrium and cristae for dynamic equilibrium. All are found in the inner ear.

What are the receptor cells involved in dynamic equilibrium?


Are semicircular canals the same as semicircular ducts?

No. Semicircular canals are located in the vestibule of the ear and are membranous that contain receptor cells; semicircular ducts house dynamic equilibrium receptors and contain an enlarged region and a receptor region and that respond to angular motion.

What is the cupula of the ear?

which receptor is involved in the sense of rotational equilibrium

Equilibrium receptor found within ampullae of semicircular canals?

The semicircular canal is found in the inner ear and is responsible for individuals being able to keep their balance. There is a sort of bulbous structure at the end of the semicircular canal called the ampulla which is where the receptors of equilibrium are located.

Contains the cristae ampullaris?

semicircular ducts have an enlarged swelling at one end called an ampulla, which houses an equilibrium receptor region called a crista ampullaris

What do the receptor cells for hearing static equilibruim and dynamic equilibrium have in common?

The three have this in common: - Balance - Stimulation of hair cells that generate impulse carried by the vestibular branch of cranial VIII.

What are important tissue receptor tumor markers?

estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, interleukin-2 receptor, and epidermal growth factor receptor.

What is the receptor for dynamic balance in the ear?

The receptors for static equilibrium are located in the inner ear of humans.

Which receives signals a fluid mosaic model or a receptor?

a receptor