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Q: What is the rational standard for precautions?
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What is the difference between standard precautions and universal precautions?

Where infectious diseases are the issue, there is no difference between universal precautions and standard precautions. The suite of procedures called "universal precautions" should now be the standard precautions used in all cases of patient contact.

Why are standard precautions used in addition to transmission based precautions?

Standard Based Precaution is the first step in implementing precautions, whether Transmission Based or Universal Based Precautions.

Which OSHA standard enforces universal precautions?

The blood borne pathogen standard results in the use of Universal Precautions.

When should a nursing assistant use standard precautions?

Standard precautions must always used when delivering patient care.

Do healthcare workers use standard precautions with a HIV patient?

Yes; and they use standard precautions with all patients as well.

When might it be necessary to use additional infection control precautions when standard precautions alone may not be sufficient to prevent transmission of infection?

Additional infection control precautions is necessary when standard precautions are not sufficient.They are used in addition to standard precautions and are usually tailored to prevent the transmission of specific infections in the health care setting.

Who developed standard precautions?

no one

What is the standard form of a rational number?

A rational number is said to be in the standard form if its denominator is a positive integer and the numerator and the denominator have no common factor other than 1 .If a rational number is not in the standard form , then it can be reduced to the standard form .

Express 0.6. in its rational form?

o.6 in rational form is the same as o.6 in standard form

List 3 examples of body fluids included in standard precautions?

Blood, saliva, and urine are examples of body fluids included in standard precautions.

When can you say that a rational algebraic expression is in standard form?

if it convert

What regulatory body is the responsible for monitoring the observance of standard precautions guidelines?