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There are several organizations who collect data on teen sexuality.

My wife is a pediatrician in Denver who has been recording the response of her patients for more than 10 years. Teen sexual activity has more than double since she began recording the results. Here is the latest from Jan. - Oct. 2011. Note that there number of teen girls is larger than boys.

Age Gender Per Cent Sexually Active

10 -12 M 5%

10 - 12 F 3%

13 - 15 M 18%

13 - 15 F 24%

16 - 18 M 32%

16 - 18 F 41%

18 - 20 M 72%

18 - 20 F 88%

BTW, She sees a larger percentage of teen girls and boys who shave most or all of their genitals. By the age of 16, 78% of girls shave; by age 18, 61% of boys.

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In the USA; about 30% but when they are in college it goes up 90%.

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50 percent

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Q: What is the ratio of sexually active teenagers over the past year?
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