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The purpose of socialization agencies is simply to put people in contact with one another. They work to promote harmony, cooperation and friendship.

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Q: What is the purpose of socialisation agencies?
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Difference between agencies of socialization n agents of socialization?

agencies of socialisation it is the place how practises the agent of socialisation his works

What are main agencies of socialisation?

the main agencies of socialisation are 1. The family 2. The school 3. The mass-media 4. Religious organisations 5. Pressure groups

What is reverse socialisation?

Secondary socialisation is the opposite of primary socialisation If you want to know what primary socialisation is the type in what is primary socialisation.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What were alphabet agencies and what was their purpose?

the purpose of the agencies was to get america out of the depression, these agencies were set up by president roosevelt, some of them was successful and others weren't

What are the socialisation processes in human resource management?

process of socialisation

What is the purpose of executive agencies?

The purpose of the executive agencies is to implement, enforce, and ensure the laws passed by the legislative branch of the government.

What does socialisation practice mean?

simply put, it means socialisation practice!

What is formal socialization?

different sorts of informal socialization formal socialisation is when someone tries to change you on purpose IE school college or the army......

What extent does socialisation contribute to homosexuality?

Socialisation does not contribute to homosexuality, although some authors seem to think it does.

What are Employment Agencies and what purpose do they serve?

Employment agencies are company which matches the unemployed to any open jobs.These agencies usually offers only temporary jobs.

In sociology what does the term socalisation mean?

The term socialisation means the learning of norms and values. This can be done by primary socialisation which occurs through family life or secondary socialisation which occurs through socialising in schools.

What is the purpose of cabinet departments and regulatory agencies?

To help tjeir leaders

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